A server room featuring blue lights protected by fiberglass doors.

Fiberglass Doors Designed for Data Center Security

Data Center Security and Special-Lite

Special-Lite is always exploring new opportunities to engineer solutions for various industries. It was a real learning opportunity for our VP of Sales and Marketing, Roger Stempky as he explored the data center market on a trip to the northwest. Data Center Security is a fast-growing market, and with 25 years of experience in commercial industries, Roger saw the opportunity to position our all-fiberglass products as the reliable security solution Data Centers are seeking.

Data Center Growth

Over the next few years, data center growth statistics are not only expected to increase by 12-14 percent per year, but a staggering 50 percent of all data traffic in the world is expected to pass through the largest facilities alone. Data center engineers are being confronted with this burgeoning demand and are being asked to address it at a faster and faster pace. It’s not a simple task with facilities changing configurations, the need for more sustainable and on-site power, requests to improve energy efficiency and constructing these quickly and efficiently. This includes means of egress that not only offer reliability and longevity but also enhanced security. Data centers are obviously rife with delicate technology that needs to be protected from everyday elements and some human interactions. 

Data Center Construction Challenges

The Director of Data Center Design and Engineering has stated that they build these data centers with a very significant focus on safety and security as they are a critical facility for the companies. Data Centers are some of the most expensive buildings constructed, with some data center structures costing between $750 to $1000 a square foot. Considerable time is spent analyzing location and considering buffer zones and access. Strong emphasis is put into the plans for energy efficiency and temperature controls.  Security is evaluated extensively and complex measures such as bio scanning and retinal scans are selected at times over fingerprint detection, but nothing less than access cards or FOB readers. The building construction may include hardened walls, bullet and blast rated means of egress, absent windows or if selected, windows hardened with bullet and or blast construction options.  All these safety measures could be thrown out the window if a door is compromised, degraded, rusted, or not locking or opening due to thermal bow (A temporary deformation of an exterior door due to internal-external temperature differential. This condition can affect door operation.) This is where Special-Lite’s fiberglass door steps up to the plate.

Commercial Fiberglass Door Solutions

Commercial fiberglass doors have long-established their usefulness in high-cycle and high-abuse building entries such as educational and institutional facilities.  The same issues confronting these facilities exist in data centers, if not more. Special-Lite’s all fiberglass line offers unique features including a highly tested aluminum and fiberglass construction with a foamed-in-place core. This helps to address the needs of thermal performance, enhanced security hardware, and complete corrosion resistance. The end result is secure, durable doors that open and close consistently every time. Additionally, our all fiberglass line has multiple opportunities for customization, allowing businesses such as data centers to work with us to create entry systems that meet specific needs and requirements, as well as aesthetics. 

Many of these data center facilities are constructed in challenging environments. However, even outside of these environments direct sunlight or heat can impact doors to the point where they do not deliver consistent performance. Thermal bow can create a situation where doors do not consistently open or close securely.  Special-Lite’s commercial fiberglass doors are designed and built to be stable and deliver consistent performance, regardless of the elements.  It was for that reason this group of data center facilities engineers felt Special-Lite fiberglass doors were the best way to avoid the ongoing service requirements and keep even trusted service personnel away from these buildings. 

Not Just Doors, But Solutions

It’s this experience and the opportunity to learn from various industries that further enhances our mission statement: Driven to grow through relationships as strong and dependable as our products. In understanding our relationship with these data centers, we are able to offer them ideal solutions,fostering a relationship that is based on understanding our customers’ needs. We know that the building entry products that Special-Lite builds are not simply doors and hardware. These building entry solutions help protect some of our country’s most important business infrastructures and those who serve in them. Contact Special-Lite today to learn how these specially engineered and high-performance doors help protect our country’s largest investments and the infrastructure we rely on every day.