SecureLite Product Overview and Installation

In today’s security-minded world, we often find ourselves torn between the need to protect ourselves and the need to feel totally comfortable in our surroundings. These two needs often meet at the entrance or entry door.

Here, there are obvious security measures and door styles which can act as defensive barricades. But we also want to enjoy nature and sunshine with plenty of light. This is where SecureLite comes into play. When paired with security glazing, SecureLite offers a layer of protection while still allowing for spectacular views.

SecureLite has become the go-to product for security glazing and intrusion resistant applications. It offers a ½” or 1” glass bite. This means that it will never permit the glass from being pushed out of the frame or lite kit. It can accommodate glass thicknesses of ¼” to 1”, providing you with choice. And, SecureLite uses a through-bolt design with no visible fasteners, making it ideal for standard lites as well as intrusion resistant lites.

SecureLite is available in standard or optional anodized colors, as well as one of 20 Kynar painted colors. You will always find the finish that compliments the remained of your entrance system or design needs.

We have prepared a short video explaining these and related product features AND providing a field demonstration of an intrusion attempt. You just have to see SecureLite in action. Watch the 2-minute YouTube video here: SecureLite In Action

Installation of SecureLite is straightforward and to make the job even simpler we have created easy-to-follow instructions. You can download the instructions right from our website using this link.

So, when you want the element of protection while still enjoying the light and views of outdoors, choose SecureLite.

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