Case Study: Research Proves Special-Lite Doors Perform

As the Government of Canada’s premier research and technology organization, the National Research Council (NRC) is uniquely qualified to evaluate the merits of any product or technology, and the validity of any claims made about it. With over 50 specialized laboratory, testing, and office buildings to maintain in a sprawling campus in Ottawa, Ontario, they have learned a thing or two about doors that didn’t live up to their billing.

From Test Doors to Brand Performance

To evaluate Special-Lite Doors, which were relatively new to the Canadian market at the time, NRC was offered a pair of promotional doors to try on a busy employee entrance that had been prompting service calls on a regular basis. The problem opening was updated with a pair of Special-Lite SL-15 monumental doors and aluminum tube frames. It has been operating trouble-free ever since. Based on NRC’s experience with that opening, they tried some Special-Lite SL-17 doors. Now, when exterior doors are replaced on NRC buildings, they are Special-Lite doors!