High performance doors and frames.

Enhancing Airport Facilities with Special-Lite’s High-Performance Doors and Frames

When managing the unique challenges of airport facilities, from high traffic to stringent security requirements, one name stands out when choosing an airport door: Special-Lite. With a legacy of excellence dating back to 1991, when the Hybrid FRP Door (SL-17) and Aluminum Insert Frame combination was installed at the American Airlines Terminal in Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Special-Lite has been an exceptional and reliable partner for airports throughout the United States.

Airport Facility Challenges: Navigating High-Traffic Environments

Airports are bustling hubs with a constant stream of passengers, staff, and vehicles. These high-traffic environments require doors and frames that can withstand the test of time and maintain functionality. Security is paramount in airport operations, with a need to safeguard against potential threats. Frequent cleaning and sanitizing are essential to ensure hygiene standards are met. Furthermore, the challenge of climate control necessitates doors and frames that can effectively maintain a comfortable interior regardless of external weather conditions. Maintenance is also critical, given that airports operate around the clock, making downtime a costly concern. Doors and frames should be designed for easy maintenance to minimize disruptions.

Choosing Tailored Solutions for Airport Facilities

At Special-Lite, we understand that airports demand more than just standard solutions. Our High-Performance Doors, Frames, and Bathroom Partitions are specifically designed to address the unique demands of airport environments. Our products are engineered to withstand heavy use, frequent cleaning, and high-security demands.

A white hangar with a closeup of a white door under a blue sky.
Hangar doors with AF-100 Pultruded Fiberglass Doors & AF-150 Fiberglass Framing – Helicopter Hangar Building 997 (U.S. Army), Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands

Why Special-Lite? The Benefits of Upgrading Your Airport Doors

1. Durability: Special-Lite products are built to handle heavy traffic and potential impacts, making them ideal for high-traffic areas like your average airport terminal.

2. Easy to Clean: Our FRP-faced doors are not only durable but also easy to clean and sanitize. The hygienic surface resists the growth of bacteria and mold.

3. Energy Efficiency: Our doors offer excellent insulation properties, which can contribute to reduced energy consumption and lower costs.

4. Enhanced Security: Opt for doors that can withstand impacts, vandalism, and break-ins, ensuring the safety and security of your facility and passengers at the terminal and beyond.

5. Customization: Choose from a range of colors, finishes, and hardware to match your facility’s aesthetics and functionality, starting at the airport entrance all the way to the boarding gate and beyond.

6. Warranty: Experience peace of mind with our straightforward 10-year, 100% parts and labor warranty plus a limited Lifetime Warranty against Corrosion.

Transforming Airport Facilities: Before and After

Consider the transformation of Sacramento International Airport’s Terminal Service Entrance. 

Before installing Special-Lite commercial doors, facilities teams focused on damage and maintenance commonly associated with hollow metal doors in high-traffic areas. After Special-Lite doors were installed, the need for repainting was eliminated. Integrated weathering options also helped save energy and money. That’s a flight we would book any day! 

Get Started Today with Special-Lite Solutions

Our dedicated team is ready to collaborate with you in designing and installing the perfect door, frame, or bathroom stall solution for your airport facility. We take pride in ensuring that our products not only provide top-notch performance but also enhance the aesthetics of your space for years to come. Your journey to upgraded doors and frames begins with a simple step – reach out to our Special-Lite Sales Rep today!

With Special-Lite’s expertise and high-performance solutions, your airport facility can rise to meet the challenges of high traffic, security, and maintenance while maintaining a welcoming and functional environment for all. Don’t settle for less; choose Special-Lite for doors that exceed expectations while ensuring all your passengers are ready for departure.

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