A group of commercial red doors in front of a brick building.

Real-World Examples Show the Durability, Long-Life of Special-Lite Commercial Doors

The products Special-Lite manufactures, and ships from its Decatur and Benton Harbor facilities are known for their incredible durability.  

But don’t just take our word for it.  

Below are three real-world examples of Special-Lite products surviving the test of time, the elements, and everything else those who have passed through these doors have thrown at them.  

They show why it is important to choose the right door and frame for the right application. When you do, you’ll reduce your need for endless maintenance and replacements. That leads to saving time and, ultimately, saving money.  

A person walks through a pair of open, red doors.
This photo, taken after installation in the 1990s, shows these SL-17s were built to last. Compare this to the photo at the top of this Blog post that was taken in 2023.

Still Looking Great After 30 Years 

About the project: This is an Atlant public recreation center with two indoor heated pools for year-round use. The entrances have a unique design selected by Turner & Associates, the architect on the project, in conjunction with the city’s Parks & Rec Department. The building was dedicated in 1994 as part of the (then) upcoming Olympics in 1996. 

Part of what makes these (and other Special-Lite commercial doors) so strong is their flexural strength. Combining superior materials, construction methods, and engineering design results in a lightweight, durable commercial door that can withstand high traffic, use, and abuse.  

Collage of images of a door that leads  to the tarmac at an airport.
These photos show the wear and tear this Special-Lite commercial door from stands up to daily.

Maintenance Department Praise 

About the project: LAX is home to many doors from Special-Lite, but this SL-15 shows exactly how durable the doors and frames we build are. Note the complete absence of any rust or corrosion! Part of what makes this door perfect for this location (and others) is its construction. Don’t sacrifice design flexibility by committing to a heavy 2-inch stile and rail door. At 1 3/4 inches thick, Special-Lite doors are engineered and built for performance. Two galvanized steel tie rods at the top and bottom add considerable strength and durability. 

Below is part of an email we received from someone who has seen firsthand what makes our products stand out. This comes directly from the Maintenance Dept. in one of the busiest airports in the world: 

“This opening …takes the most poundings on an hourly basis at LAX…The abuse shows, but I will tell you that this door is still as solid as the day it was installed due to the excellent craftsmanship and pride that Special-Lite employees take in their fabrication skills. 

I have been hanging and repairing doors here at LAX for almost 20 years… we haven’t had to do any repairs or additional work since we installed it…” 

How well would your doors stand up to that kind of traffic? No additional maintenance either? Imagine what you could do with that kind of savings.”

A black door with a window that is rounded on the top, an ADA recessed pull and a key pad.
One of many SL-17s from Special-Lite that call Chicago’s O’Hare Airport home.

One of the Earliest SL-17 Projects

About the project: Special-Lite commercial doors replaced the American Airlines Jetway doors (Terminals H-K) over the course of about three weeks while O’Hare “slept” (midnight to 6 a.m.). All in all, about 70 doors and frames were installed for this project. Each was individually measured and custom manufactured to the exact dimensions needed. 

What Special-Lite Commercial Doors & Frames Can Do for You 

These examples show how durable Special-Lite Commercial Doors are. You, too, can save time and money on maintenance costs, not to mention the hassle of repeatedly replacing your doors. Additional peace of mind comes from knowing that your investment is protected with our uncomplicated, 10-year, 100% parts, and labor warranty. We stand behind the quality of our products. 

Make sure your project or building can handle what life throws at it. Contact your Local Rep today!