A branded front door with a glass panel and a wooden frame, made to order.

Everything you need to know about Wood Grain Aluminum and Fiberglass Commercial Doors

Wood has been a mainstay in the history of doors, from interior to commercial wood doors, frames, and other architectural openings, since the beginning. 

Wood can invoke warmth and a sense of home that we can all relate to. From modern to minimalist design, wood can elicit luxury or even an elaborate traditional look. Of course, commercial design trends are shifting toward more residential elements for offices and other workspaces. We could see even more wood replacing colder and more institutional-like surfaces like steel.  

The Disadvantages of Real Wood Doors 

Despite its beauty, how do you weigh its desirability with the downsides, like frequent maintenance? Also, consider the following: 

  • Rot 
  • Splinters 
  • Sheer weight 
  • Wear and tear on expensive (and essential) hardware 

No one wants any of that. All lead to increased maintenance, repair, and even expensive replacement costs. Combine those with the effects of deforestation; wood loses its luster and all the beauty it once had.  

The Advantages of Resilient Wood Grain Aluminum and Fiberglass Doors 

The good news is that aluminum and fiberglass doors that look like real (faux) wood can avoid these headaches.  

Special-Lite’s Wood Expressions Decorative Finish on aluminum and realistic wood grain FRP face sheets provide the beauty and warmth of natural wood with the uncompromising durability expected in a Special-Lite door.  

This church entrance shows a wood grain door with a half lite window kit and a curved top.
Keep in mind we are a custom door company. This is something else to consider when designing your project with Special-Lite!

Where Commercial Wood Grain Doors are Found 

You have probably seen them already and didn’t even know it. Our ability to recreate historical and architectural wood doors is unmatched; some of the more common uses include:  

  • Churches 
  • Government and public buildings 
  • Educational and institutional buildings 
  • Restaurants, hotels, and retail outlets 
  • Healthcare and assisted living facilities 

Decorative Faux Wood Finish on Aluminum 

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s dive more into the advantages of faux-wood aluminum building products. 

Aluminum offers a high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance. It is sustainable and infinitely recyclable.  

Modern technology allows us to apply a wood grain finish to aluminum, providing the look of wood with the corrosion resistance of aluminum. Use the same wood grain finish on doors, windows, exterior panels, awnings, and more! It’s easy to clean and say goodbye to sanding, staining and clear-coating year after year.  

A graphic illustration of the coating and film transfer process starting with support on top followed by ink, pigments transfer, coating layer and finally, aluminum.

How does faux-wood finish on aluminum work? 

The coating most often used is a powder-coating and film transfer process.  

Step 1: Apply a pretreatment to raw aluminum.  

Step 2: Powder paint is applied, and heat polymerizes the coating. The base coat protects the aluminum against weather, corrosion, abrasion, light, and humidity.  

Step 3: A preprinted film transfer is wrapped around the product, and a vacuum removes the air.  

Step 4: Finally, a specialized oven completes sublimation.  

After cooling, the film is removed, producing a perfect wood grain finish on the product. 

Four different types of Fiberglass Commercial Doors in different colors.
Four different types of Fiberglass Commercial Doors in different wood grain stains. From left: Rustic Oak, 6-Panel Oak, Contemporary Cherry, and Dark Cherry.

Wood Grain Fiberglass or FRP commercial wood door options

As we continue our exploration of wood grain doors, let’s take a deeper look at the products and options Special-Lite offers.  

We are well known for our FRP doors, but this durable door face material comes in realistic wood grain textures as well! All our wood grain FRP door faces also have coordinating architectural panels to help you design a beautiful complete entrance. 

Contemporary Cherry Wood Grain FRP Door Face 

Ultra-realistic cherry flush wood grain door face, created with NVD technology, the latest innovation in wood grain replication. 

Contemporary Cherry Wood Grain Fiberglass Doors color options are American Cherry, Dark Cherry, Dark Walnut, and Light Maple.

Rustic Oak Wood Grain FRP Door Face 

Replicate the look of a rustic, flush-style wood door right down to the realistic oak species wood grain detail. 

Rustic Faux Wood Fiberglass Doors color options are Dark Maple, Oak, Chestnut, Teak, Mahogany, and Walnut.

Rustic Oak 6-Panel FRP Door Face 

Our classic 6-Panel wood grain door face combines traditional styling with the advantages of modern engineering and materials. 

Rustic Oak 6-Panel Fiberglass Doors color options are Dark Maple, Oak, Chestnut, Teak, Mahogany, and Walnut.

A collage of rustic wood grain doors made by Special-Lite.

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