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3 Commonly Asked Questions About Woodgrain Doors From Special-Lite

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions and answers about our woodgrain doors. Not familiar with woodgrain door options? Check out our guide to everything about woodgrain aluminum and fiberglass commercial doors.

What kind of warranty protection do you offer for your fiberglass wood grain doors compared to a real wood door?

Typically, most wood grain doors either don’t have a warranty or only extend to 1 year. Wood tends to warp and rot over time. Special-Lite offers a 5-year warranty on the finish, a 10-year structural guarantee, and a lifetime warranty on delamination or corner failure.

Can you accommodate the hardware I need for high-traffic use and security?

Choose doors designed for commercial hardware and high-cycle use with security in mind. Concealed Vertical Rod Exit devices are available on our SL-Series Wood Grain FRP Aluminum Hybrid doors, which are popular with church main entrances. Doors come with commercial hardware reinforcements specific to the hardware selected. On SL-Series Doors, you can even choose to have the hardware factory installed!

I want to create something unique; what are my customization options for fiberglass wood grains?

We are a custom door company, so the options are endless! Below are a couple of examples for inspiration.

  • With our SL Series Doors, we can split face sheets between the exterior and interior, giving you aluminum on the exterior and wood grain on the interior, opening up a lot of possibilities!
  • Our SL-18 can convert to a 4-panel door from a 6-panel, and a top half lite can become a 9-lite, 6-lite or 4-lite with our muntin options.
  • Not all doors are rectangular. We can provide curved top flush doors (SL-19 and SL-19-1) and add curved vision lite kits in custom entrances with few limitations other than height.

Don’t let these limit your imagination. Your door solution is just a conversation away with our Rep Locator!

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