A black door featuring a mid-panel for added versatility.

Add Versatility and Branding Customization to Your Commercial Monumental Doors, Entrances

Special-Lite’s Aluminum Monumental or Stile and Rail Doors, specifically the SL-14 and SL-15 models, are designed and crafted for unforgettable and durable entrances. When choosing between the standard SL-14 or the wider stile SL-15, you’ll also have the option to incorporate the SL-84 mid-panel. But why should you consider this option? The answer is simple: for its exceptional branding potential.

This 12-inch wide mid-panel boasts several key features. It’s equipped with a closed-cell foam core for enhanced insulation. Two tie-rods reinforce its structural integrity and can be covered with either aluminum or FRP skin. What sets it apart, however, is the ability to customize this skin with your chosen branding identity. It is a perfect option for a corporate entity, a university, or an organization.

Let’s take Drexel University, for instance, as a shining example of what can be achieved with these mid-panels. The school’s emblem is the dragon, a symbol deeply ingrained in their identity. This emblem is prominently featured on all their branding materials and even takes the form of their beloved school mascot, Mario the Magnificent. So, why not extend this powerful symbol to your entrance doors as well?

Do you have unique branding concepts in mind? We encourage you to share them with us. Together, we can explore how your vision can come to life on your entrance system, making a lasting impression on all who pass it.

A dragon-adorned door with added versatility.