SpecLite 3®

SpecLite 3®

The FRP Solution That’s Easier to Clean and Lasts Longer

Taking Abuse and Keeping Clean

Special-Lite products are ideal for high traffic areas that encounter a great deal of abuse. Special-Lite’s flagship product, the SL-17 FRP/Aluminum Hybrid door, also known as “The Original School Door”, earned this reputation from its long life and durability against the toughest customers on earth. But the SL-17 is more than just any door you can find at a school. Our SpecLite 3® Surfaseal takes the SL-17 beyond the school environment and makes it the ideal solution for other abusive environments like hospitals, food processing plants, hatcheries, and even wastewater treatment plants.

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Your Facilities Management Team Shouldn’t Worry About Your Doors

Formulated to withstand harsh chemicals like SporKlenz and Perdox, our SpecLite 3® stands the test of time, helping to keep people safe and healthy. With our SpecLite 3® Surfaseal, you can use the chemicals you need to ensure that when you sanitize your doors, you come away with peace of mind knowing they are clean. And since you’re not wasting your time with excessive scrubbing required when using weaker chemicals on less resilient doors, you have time to focus your attention on other priorities.

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SpecLite 3® is Tough Stuff

More than just a clean surface solution, our doors with SpecLite 3® are as durable as FRP comes. The coating, which provides graffiti resistance, also provides a measure of fade resistance… all in a door that will never rust or require painting. Its resilience means that your team will also spend less time fixing and performing general maintenance on your SpecLite 3® product, freeing up more time to focus on other important matters.

Make Your Bathrooms as Tough as the SL-17

If you don’t want graffiti destroying your restroom partitions, look no further. Special-Lite’s restroom partitions feature SpecLite 3®, the same Surfaseal used on our SL-17 doors–alleviating the frustrations of scrubbing away obscenities and unsightly images that are too often left behind. Built to last, Special-Lite restroom partitions with SpecLite 3® Surfaseal are the perfect solution for restaurants, schools, and other commercial restroom applications.

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