Comparison between a hollow metal door and a replacement fpp door.

FRP vs. Hollow Metal Replacement: Why One is the Better Door Replacement Choice

It’s time to replace that hollow metal door. Is this the first time? Likely, it won’t be the last. Consider why you’re replacing that typical steel door in the first place. 

Rust? Needs to be painted (again)? Unsightly scratches and dents? Has your limited warranty already expired, or is it about to?

You could buy another steel door. But before you go down that path again and delay the inevitable, examine the pros and cons between a Hollow Metal Replacement FRP (HMR-FRP) Door and a hollow metal commercial door made of steel.  

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Where can these Commercial Doors be Used? 

Hollow Metal Doors and Hollow Metal FRP Doors are rated for exterior and interior use. 

Initial Cost vs. Overall Budget 

Hollow metal doors may need to be replaced every two to three years. In many instances, the frame may also need to be replaced. Our HMR-FRP Door could significantly reduce your replacement door costs. 

Metal Door Maintenance 

With our HMR-FRP door, there is no maintenance. On the other hand, painting is usually required before installing a typical hollow metal door. Paint can peel and crack, which means more painting. 


HMR-FRP Commercial Doors are incredibly durable doors. Scratches and dents are minimal and can be repaired if necessary. Steel doors are known to scratch and dent easily and rust. While durable, security might be compromised. Those dents could prevent your steel door from closing properly, which poses a risk for exterior door locations. 

Warranty Protection 

You may have to paint commercial metal doors to activate a 2-year warranty. HMR-FRP Doors come with a Lifetime Warranty covering rust and corrosion plus a 5-year Limited Warranty. 

Energy Efficiency 

Both doors are conductors of heat and cold. The HMR-FRP door is injected with a high-density structural foam core, making it more efficient and saving energy and money. 

Is it Weatherproof? 

Exposure to the elements will cause a hollow metal door to rust, but it will stand up to heat and cold. Our HMR-FRP Commercial Door will not warp or rust and performs well against heat, cold, and the elements. 

Hollow Metal Door Sizes 

Steel doors commonly come in one standard size. Unlike most of our commercial, custom door solutions, the HMR-FRP Door is stocked in four different sizes, ready to install: 3’0” x 6’8”, 3’0” x 7’0”, 3’6” x 7’0”, 4’0” x 7’0” 

Color, Hardware, and Hinges

Both are typically grey. The HMR-FRP Door has a through-color FRP door face, so painting is unnecessary. A steel door alternative does require painting. Despite that, it may come primed, but you must then add a paint coat yourself. Your warranty could be voided if you don’t paint your newly installed door.

Neither option offers door hardware prep or installation.

And HMR-FRP doors use a continuous hinge.

Say Goodbye to Hollow Metal Doors and Hello to FRP

With FRP, you can end those regular repairs, maintenance, and upkeep. The Hollow Metal Replacement FRP (HMR-FRP) Door from Special-Lite can save you time, money, and frustration.

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