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Case Study: Enhancing Efficiency and Durability at Cutler Car Wash with Special-Lite Commercial Doors

Cutler Car Wash, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a 24-hour car wash facility that serves a steady stream of customers. Efficiency and reliability are critical in the car wash business. Swift operations and minimal maintenance downtime directly impact profitability and customer expectations.

A Common Car Wash Challenge

The owner of Cutler Car Wash, Josh Sanders, faced persistent maintenance and operational issues with his existing hollow metal steel door and frame. Sagging, latching difficulties, and rust were recurring issues afflicting the steel door and frame, demanding frequent attention and maintenance. The wide opening is used for supplies and equipment, including 50-gallon drums, further compounding these problems. 

Before: Exposure to moisture, chemicals, and the elements caused this hollow metal door and frame to rust. That affected its functionality, security, and efficiency.

An FRP Solution to Rust and Maintenance Issues

Seeking a durable, low-maintenance option, Sanders turned to Special-Lite for a solution. 

Special-Lite’s HMR-FRP Hollow Metal Replacement FRP Door was the ideal alternative, complemented by its AF-150 Fiberglass Frame and Select SL11HD Hinges. The low-maintenance fiberglass construction of the commercial door offered unparalleled durability, eliminating rust concerns and ensuring longevity even in the demanding environment of a car wash.

“When I heard that fiberglass doors and frames from Special-Lite were an option, it was a no-brainer,” Sanders said. “I also love the aluminum continuous hinge that has a lifetime warranty and will never rust!”

More Than Just a Solution, it’s Easy to Install

Not having to worry about this opening anymore has made an enormous difference in their day-to-day operation. 

“The installation went smoothly, and now I have a zero-maintenance opening that perfectly operates every time. Not only that, but I never have to see rust on the door, frame, or hinge,” Sanders added.

D & D Mobile Locksmith Owner Dave Mete commended Special-Lite for their innovative features and ease of installation. 

“I have been installing doors and frames for 40 years, and this Adjustable Lock Pocket is the most innovative option I have encountered,” Mete said. 

The patented option for Special-Lite’s HMR-FRP replacement door accommodates a wide range of locks with unprecedented versatility. It adapts to a cylindrical lock, mortise lock, or rim exit device of your choice. An adjustable latching reinforcement adapts to pre-determined strike heights.

It ships ready to install and can be ordered in four stock options.

The non-handed, lightweight design of the HMR-FRP commercial door also allows for easy installation. One person can do it, streamlining the entire process, something Mete also greatly appreciated.

“The owner (Sanders) wanted a door and frame that wouldn’t rust, and this option was the best,” Mete added. 

A corrosion-resistant hybrid frp car wash door and fiberglass frame on a white brick wall.
After: Selecting a corrosion-resistant hybrid FRP door and fiberglass frame improves reliability and appearance.

A Rust-Free, Durable Operation for Years to Come

By choosing Special-Lite’s HMR-FRP Hollow Metal Replacement FRP Door and AF-150 Fiberglass Frame, Cutler Car Wash achieved a significant enhancement in efficiency and durability.

Eliminating maintenance issues and ensuring long-term reliability have translated into smoother operations. That also means reduced downtime for the Cutler Car Wash team. They can now focus on delivering exceptional customer service without the worry and costs associated with commercial door-related disruptions.

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