Case Study: Mahana Condos

A Mission to Build the Brand

Project: Mahana at Kaanapali
Location: Maui, Hawaii
Architect: Fred N. Sutter and Associates

The Project

On the western shores of Maui in the Aloha state of Hawaii, the resort known as Mahana at Kaanapali consists of two hospitality towers, 12 stories each. For short-term stays in this very popular destination, it offers spectacular ocean-front views and luxurious one- and two-bedroom suites.

The Solution

The Solution: Each of the suites features floor-to-ceiling windows with aluminum framing finished in dark bronze. They also include open-air entrances consisting of a side stile aluminum door with accompanying framing and sidelite. Special-Lite SL-15 aluminum monumental doors form all entrances to these suites. All of the doors and sidelites are finished with a matching dark bronze anodized finish to provide a cohesive appearance. Glazing is made up of a 1-inch assembly consisting of ¼-inch clear tempered solar reflective glass, a ½-inch dark bronze metal spacer, and a ¼-inch Santa Fe figured tempered glass to give it a broken mirror effect and to create a designer privacy motif. To meet the need for fire separations throughout the facility while still achieving the intended design appearance, Special-Lite SL-23 FRP doors with stainless steel casing serve as 96 fire doors throughout the property. Since the FRP is available in a variety of colors, it provided the designers with an ample palette for selections. In utility settings such as those near waste-collection locations, more robust FRP/aluminum hybrid doors were installed.

The Results

The selection of different types of doors using aluminum, stainless steel, and FRP facing provides a durable solution for different parts of this busy hospitality facility while still meeting the sought-after design and appearance.

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