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Everything You Need to Know About HMR-FRP Door Engraving and Labeling

Are you in the market for HMR-FRP doors, or do you already have them installed in your facility? If so, it’s essential to understand the significance of door engraving and labeling. Below, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of HMR-FRP door engraving and labeling, including why it matters and how it benefits you as a customer.

What is an HMR-FRP Door?

Before diving into the details of door engraving and labeling, let’s briefly explain what HMR-FRP doors are. Recognizing a specific need, Special-Lite introduced the exclusive HMR-FRP Door or Hollow Metal Replacement FRP Door in early 2023. They are an alternative to hollow metal doors that tend to rust and need replacing every few years.

HMR-FRP Doors are durable, lightweight, and versatile, making them an ideal choice for various commercial applications. They won’t rust, and they never need to be painted. Available in four standard stock door sizes ready to ship, they are priced comparable to commercial metal, steel, and hollow metal replacement doors. Better yet, HMR-FRP Doors arrive ready to install.

Now, let’s examine the specifics of HMR-FRP door engraving and labeling.

Everything You Need to Know About HMF Door Engraving
HMR-FRP door engraving is located on the top of the door on the Hinge Stile side.

HMR-FRP Door Engraving

Each HMR-FRP door is engraved with a serial number that includes essential information such as the model and date of production. This engraving serves several vital purposes:

1. Identification: The serial number helps identify the door’s model and production date, providing crucial information for maintenance and warranty purposes.

2. Lock Pocket Indication: The patent number is engraved for models including our Adjustable Lock Pocket.

3. Closer Reinforcement Location: The engraving is on the hinge stile side, above the closer reinforcement on the top of the door. This positioning helps you determine the location of closer reinforcements installed in the door. It’s handy for customers who order the non-lock pocket model, as no lock pocket indicates the lock stile.

How to Utilize the Serial Number

As the person who will ultimately be responsible for the door after installation, you should keep the serial number in mind. It plays a crucial role in the Warranty Registration process. When filling out the Warranty Registration Form, enter the serial number for each purchased door. This step ensures you’re eligible for warranty support and assistance if needed.

Standard labels for Hrp-doo doors.
HMR-FRP door labels are applied on the Lock Stile side of the door.

HMR-FRP Door Labels

In addition to engraving, our HMR-FRP doors also feature several labels applied on the lock stile side during production. One of the labels is the Serial and Patent # Label. This label serves multiple purposes:

1. Production Assistance: The Serial Number QR Code Label helps relay the serial number to the engraver during production, ensuring accurate engraving.

2. User-Friendly Scanning: Most mobile devices can scan the QR code, allowing you to easily capture or copy the serial number to save for later or when filling out the form. This can be especially handy when you have multiple serial numbers from numerous HMR-FRP Doors.

The Top of the Door Label details the door reinforcement locations, which can also be found in our HMR-FRP Hardware and Prep Install Guide, along with the location of the door’s engraved ID – the top of the door on the Hinge Stile side.

Below this label, you will find additional QR codes that will take you directly to a downloadable PDF of our Install Guide and Warranty Registration Form.

A Note on Older Labeling

HMR-FRP doors produced before February 2023 were given a generic engraving replaced with the Door Labels outlined above. 

Doors That Perform

HMR-FRP door engraving and labeling are essential components of these high-quality doors. They provide crucial information for identification, maintenance, and warranty purposes. So, whether you’re a facility manager, installer, or one of the many people depending on the durability and functionality of these high-quality doors, it is crucial to keep these details in mind. Doing so will help ensure the longevity and performance of your HMR-FRP doors. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please get in touch with our dedicated Customer Service Team or your Local Rep.