Bullet-Resistant Sandstone Texture Fiberglass Door and Frame

A white door on a white background, incorporating a Bullet-Resistant Sandstone Texture Fiberglass Door and Frame.

Complete Bullet-Resistant Entrance

Combine our AF-220BR3 Sandstone Texture Composite Fiberglass Bullet-Resistant Door and AF-150BR3 Bullet-Resistant Fiberglass Frame System.

Our Sandstone Texture Door face comes in through-molded colors, so scratches will not be obvious, providing a fine-grained, aesthetically pleasing appearance that is easy to clean. Use these Special-Lite® commercial doors to support the increasing need for security in Schools, Colleges, Labs, Military facilities, Government buildings, Banks, or any public building. Our ballistic products are independent lab tested: ANSI/UL-752, Level 3; NIJ-STD-0108.01, Level 3A.

Composite Fiberglass Bullet-Resistant Door Construction

  • Interior construction consists of ballistic fiberglass stiles and rails with mitered corners, ballistic fiberglass panels surrounded with polypropylene honeycomb, and factory-bonded face sheets for durability
  • Fiber-reinforced polymer face sheets for toughness, longevity, and color personalization
  • Sandstone-Textured face sheets are .120″ thick and provide scratch, scuff and fade resistance and will never rust, corrode, crack, split, peel or rot
  • Easy maintenance, materials are corrosion resistant
  • Any size door up to a maximum of 48” wide x 96” tall
  • Capped with a durable stainless steel edge that adds safety and improves overall durability.

Bullet-Resistant Framing, Astragal, and Mullion

  • Complete your bullet-resistant entrance with AF-150BR3 fiberglass framing finished with two-part polyurethane coating
  • Ballistic T-Astragal and Mullion complete ballistic-rated pairs

For Hardware Compatibility, Limitations, and Glazing, Please Refer to the Configuration Worksheets.

Product Ratings and Performance

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