Bullet-Resistant Pebble Grain Fiberglass Door and Frame

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Complete Bullet-Resistant Entrance:

AF-217BR3 Pebble Grain Fiberglass Bullet-Resistant Door and AF-150BR3 Bullet-Resistant Fiberglass Frame system

Use these entrance products to support the increasing need for security in Schools, Colleges, Military facilities, Government buildings, Banks, or any public building. Our ballistic products are independent lab tested: ANSI/UL-752, Level 3; NIJ-STD-0108.01, Level 3A.

Composite Fiberglass Bullet-Resistant Construction

  • Interior construction consists of ballistic fiberglass stiles and rails with mitered corners, ballistic fiberglass panels surrounded with polypropylene honeycomb, and factory-bonded face sheets for durability
  • Fiber-reinforced polymer face sheets for toughness, longevity, and color personalization
  • Easy maintenance, materials are corrosion resistant
  • Any size door up to maximum 48” wide x 96” tall, or 42” wide x 96” tall for the AF-219-1BR3 model

SpecLite 3 Pebble Grain FRP Door Face

  • SpecLite 3 surface seal to promote
    • resistance to scratches and graffiti
    • hygiene
    • super easy clean-up

Bullet-Resistant Framing, Astragal, and Mullion

  • Complete your bullet-resistant entrance with AF-150BR3 fiberglass framing finished with two-part polyurethane coating
  • Ballistic T-Astragal and Mullion complete ballistic-rated pairs

For Hardware Compatibility, Limitations, and Glazing, Please Refer to the Configuration Worksheets.

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