What is a Stile and Rail Door?

In the commercial door industry, Stile and Rail Doors are another way of referring to Monumental Doors.  Typically, you see Monumental Doors in high-traffic entrances such as storefronts and public and institutional buildings. Those areas are where doors can take a beating. Restaurants, schools, and arenas are other familiar places where you will see Monumental…Read More»

How to Prep and Install a Hollow Metal Replacement FRP Door

First, it is important to read all instructions before beginning the installation of your Hollow Metal Replacement Door.   This Hardware Prep and Install Guide will help alleviate hardware prep, hardware attachment, and painting problems caused by the most common errors. It references reinforcement locations, finish recommendations and lock pocket details for our Hollow Metal Replacement…Read More»

Dealing with Humidity in Hospitality Buildings

How to Select Resilient Materials for High-Humidity Areas in Hospitality Buildings There are many considerations for installing and maintaining doors, frames, and toilet partition products in hospitality buildings’ moisture- and humidity-prone areas. Hospitality buildings such as hotels present several challenges when it comes to moisture and high humidity. The variety of conditions among distinct areas…Read More»

Project: OneAmerica Tower Cafe Sliding Door System

OneAmerica Tower is a 700,000-square-foot office building that rises 38 stories above downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Owned by OneAmerica Financial Partners, the building is managed by Cushman & Wakefield. OneAmerica Tower includes leased office space and a nearly unmatched list of onsite amenities, including this Atrium Market Cafe that features one of our Sliding Door Systems.  Sliding…Read More»

Looking Back at 2020

Paradigms and Adapting We could talk about the obvious parts of 2020. Focus on this entirely new paradigm upon us, and what we all know it’s done to change the face of business. In the end, though, 2020 was about adaptation.  We learned (and continue to learn) how to navigate a new way of doing…Read More»

SpecLite3® FRP — What Is It?

Entryways that Need Extra Protection There are certain parts of a building that may see minimal human contact, lessening the chance of germs, mildew, corrosion and abuse. Doors and entryways however are likely to see the most inclination toward quickly becoming battered, unsanitary and damaged.  Some doors, such as those used in the healthcare industry,…Read More»