Unfinished rustic wood grain commercial door with a detailed panel design laid out on a workshop table.

Enhancements and Updates: New Literature, Rustic Wood Grain Update, and 3-Point Latching for 90-Minute Fire Door Pairs

In our commitment to enhancing customer experience, we have some new updates designed to provide valuable resources and innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

Here’s a closer look at what’s new as of April 2024.

Product Update: Rustic Wood Grain FRP Sheets

We’ve revamped our Rustic Wood Grain FRP Sheets to improve aesthetics and functionality. Orders will feature more lifelike oak wood grain textures, benefiting architects, designers, and others (see the mold we use above).

Our Rustic Wood Grain Stain formulations have been adjusted to harmonize with the new sheet color, ensuring a seamless finish. We also transitioned to a rose beige sheet color consistent with our Contemporary Wood Grain door face sheets, which further helps ensure visual coherence across product lines.

Affected Products Include:

Jobs shipping on or after May 1, 2024, will have the updated face sheet unless special arrangements have been made.

We’ve implemented a new quality check for all Special-Lite Wood Grain Stains as an additional quality assurance measure. Utilizing the Keyence IV3 Camera System, each sheet undergoes rigorous color inspection post-staining and clear coating, ensuring adherence to our standards.

New Rustic Wood Grain FRP finish samples are now available for order. Warranty-related replacements matching our previous Rustic Wood Grain FRP face sheets will be honored from an inventory of retired sheets.

Two sets of before and after images showing the more realistic wood grain transition.

3-Point Latching for 90-Min. Fire-Rated Pairs

After thorough testing and certification, 3-point latching is approved for Special-Lite fire-rated pairs up to 90 minutes. This change is for our SL-FR and AF-FR Series Fire-Rated commercial doors. Previously, 4-point latching was required for standard pairs.

Updated Configuration Sheets and Specifications can be downloaded from our Resource Center.

New Literature Available to Download

1. Restaurant Solutions Brochure: This comprehensive 4-page brochure highlights our robust and customizable solutions explicitly tailored for restaurants. It complements our Retail Solutions Flyer, which was released in December.

2. Historic Solutions Flyer: This concise two-page flyer explores our historic retrofit and replication options while showcasing our expertise in preserving architectural heritage.

3. Religious Facilities Solutions Flyer: This two-page flyer highlights the many innovative solutions tailored for religious facilities and our legacy of serving diverse religious communities with quality and durability.

Stay tuned for further updates and innovations as we continue to enhance our products to meet your project needs.

If you have questions or want more information, please get in touch with us via our Contact Form. Or call 1-800-821-6531 and ask for a Special-Lite Customer Service Representative. Using this form, we can also put you in touch with your local Special-Lite Rep.