Hybrid FRP Shower and Bathroom Stall Doors

A bathroom with a white door and tiled floor featuring an FRP Aluminum Hybrid Shower and Bathroom Stall Door (SL-175).

Shower and Bathroom Stall Compartment Doors

Model SL-175

For walled compartments, we offer 1 3/4” Institutional Shower and Toilet Stall doors. These stall doors are manufactured to withstand hard usage, resist vandalism, and maintain a like-new appearance. Our Institutional Shower and Toilet Stall doors feature the same construction you know and love in our standard doors, only shorter! They are available up to 36″ wide and 60″ tall, with closed top and bottom rails.

Door Face

  • SpecLite 3® Pebble Grain FRP (.120″) Fiber reinforced polymer face sheets for toughness and longevity
  • SpecLite 3 FRP surface film promotes
    • graffiti resistance
    • scratch resistance
    • hygiene
    • super easy clean-up
  • FRP is mold-free and does not rust or rot

Door Construction

  • Aluminum chassis for flexural strength with durable aluminum edge
  • The door is face secured with an integral channel in the aluminum stiles and rails
  • Joined with mitered corners and angle blocks secured by 3/8″ diameter full-width galvanized steel tie rods

Door Core

  • Closed-cell, high-density structural polyurethane foam core for lightweight strength and water-tight composition
  • Foam injected binding and sealing all door components together


Door Frame Options for Bathroom and Shower Stall Doors

Mount between two existing walls with our SL-1034 Insert Frame, designed for use with a Concealed Continuous Gear Hinge (SL-11) for Institutional Compartment Doors. This combination can be applied directly to a block masonry or a flush wall without the problem of the hinge cap rubbing on the wall.

Other attaching methods are available such as Fiberglass Framing; please consult our factory engineering department for design criteria.

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